Wiring Looms – Reverse Lockout, Hazards and IVA Fog Light Controller

Reverse Lockout Solenoid

With Reverse and 5th Gear so close to each oth­er on the T56 / T56 Mag­num Six-Speed manu­al trans­mis­sions, the poten­tial for acci­dent­ally enga­ging reverse whilst chan­ging for fifth is a ser­i­ous and poten­tially dan­ger­ous risk which can be mit­ig­ated by util­ising the Reverse Lock­out Solen­oid.


Reverse Lock­out

Hazard Lighting


Haz­ard Lights

IVA Fog Light Controller

In June 2013 the rules for switch­ing on and off your Rear Fog Lights changed requir­ing that the Rear Fog lamps must only be lit when the Dipped Beam, Main Beam or Front Fog lamps are lit.
The Rear Fog Lamps may con­tin­ue to oper­ate until the oth­er lights are switched off. The rear fog lamps must then remain off, even if the oth­er lights are switched on again, until they are delib­er­ately switched on again.



IVA Fog Light Latch


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