Windscreen Installation

The Wind­screen Install­a­tion is a task that requires two people because it is expens­ive, heavy and cum­ber­some.  Fur­ther­more, the risk of dam­age is high to both the car body and the actu­al screen itself which has to be repeatedly inser­ted and adjus­ted to cor­rectly fit the rub­ber weath­er seal and stan­chions to the body.


Pri­or to installing the Wind­screen cut the holes for the demister vent and escut­cheon screws as they will become inac­cess­ible once the Wind­screen is fit­ted.  Apply­ing mask­ing tape over the scuttle, the screw holes of each vent were fixed at 220mm in from the Wind­screen mount and 80mm from the cock­pit, meas­ured to the centre line of the vent.

Mul­tiple holes were then made along the length of both vents and trimmed using the Dremel.

Demister Vent prep
Demister Vent prep


Fin­ished Demister Vents



Firstly mount the stan­chions via the holes which were pre-cut by GD beware of the weight and ten­sion upon the Wind­screen, I had to remove the legs and mount them indi­vidu­ally as I was unable to secure a spare hands on the day.

Mark and mount the Wind­screen Body Mount which is used to stop the Wind­screen flex­ing and mov­ing.  I found that screw­ing it to the Wind­screen, apply­ing mask­ing tape then under­tak­ing a tri­al fit to mark the cor­rect holes worked eas­ily.  Fit and tight­en the Wind­screen stay and sup­port rod which will be used to mount the mir­ror.


Wind­screen Stan­chion


Wind­screen Stay and Rod

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