Reverse Lockout Solenoid

With Reverse and 5th Gear so close to each oth­er on the T56 / T56 Mag­num Six-Speed manu­al trans­mis­sions, the poten­tial for acci­dent­ally enga­ging reverse whilst chan­ging for fifth is a ser­i­ous and poten­tially dan­ger­ous risk which can be mit­ig­ated by util­ising the Reverse Lock­out Solen­oid.   I have been unable to get a defin­it­ive view on the mer­its of how this is resolved oth­er than it’s import­ant to use a safety lock out to avoid select­ing reverse whilst mov­ing !

There are a num­ber of manu­al work­arounds and fudges dis­cussed across the web all of which seem to lever­age the brake light wire so the solen­oid is “aware” that the driver is apply­ing pres­sure upon the brakes and ener­gises to dis­able the trans­mis­sion gate.  The prob­lem with this, is that it is poten­tially haz­ard­ous giv­en the risk of acci­dent­ally enga­ging whilst slow­ing or under­tak­ing a gear shift and put­ting your car into reverse res­ult­ing in poten­tially cata­stroph­ic dam­age.

Numer­ous vendors offer a solu­tion to this, I elec­ted to acquire a unit from Amer­ic­an Power­train pur­chased via Sum­mit Racing to elim­in­ate this prob­lem.   The out­puts from the trans­mis­sion solen­oid con­nect to the unit which enables reverse to be safely selec­ted, only when you are sta­tion­ary.

Reverse Lockout Solenoid
Amer­ic­an Power­train












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