Dashboard Preparation

Fol­low­ing what had been a grim few months with the weath­er over Christ­mas and now that I have all of the gauges, switches and warn­ing lights.  I decided that I needed to get off the fence and make a start on the dash­board pre­par­a­tion.  Install­a­tion of the glove­box requires a teardrop shaped cut to be made and the sep­ar­ate glove­box bon­ded to the rear of the dash­board fol­lowed.  This was then filled, trimmed and sanded.




Finally, after cut­ting the hole for the steer­ing column and fet­tling the ends of the dash with my new Dremel – thanks Santa – 4x 5mm holes were drilled from left to right and coun­ter­sunk to take the mount­ing screws.


Dashboard prep
Dash­board Pre­par­a­tion

Install­a­tion of the dash mount­ing frame was fairly straight­for­ward once I under­stood how both frames should be assembled and their com­bined rela­tion­ship to the Wind­screen mounts which ini­tially con­fused me.   Fur­ther work will be required to install the alu­mini­um under trays upon which the heat­er vents and the OMEX ECU will be moun­ted.


Mounting frame
Dash mounts

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