Mating the Chassis and Bodyshell

Mat­ing the Chassis and Body­shell after 330 days of wait­ing, hav­ing been dili­gently delivered by Paul Bowden, the time has finally arrived to mount it to the chassis which is a major mile­stone finally real­ised.

Hav­ing reg­u­larly referred to the many excel­lent build blogs there doesn’t seem to be any par­tic­u­lar time or stage of the build which is optim­al for mat­ing the two.  As such, and hav­ing built both the body and chassis in par­al­lel try­ing and try­ing to bal­ance the poten­tial weight implic­a­tions of the body as I was adding bits here and there and so with some trep­id­a­tion, with the help of the fam­ily and friends, today was the day !

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