OMEX Idle Installation

Star­ted plan­ning the OMEX ECU install­a­tion today, start­ing with the Idle Air Con­trol or bypass.  The idle air con­trol valve is loc­ated on the throttle bore (in most cases) and is designed to adjust engine air intake at idle which con­trols the engine idle speed. The PCM receives feed­back data from vari­ous sensors to send out­put sig­nals designed to adjust the air pas­sage open or closed which adjusts the engine idle speed.

One thing that has vexed me is to where to actu­ally install it, look­ing at many many…many for­ums there is very little inform­a­tion how­ever I stumbled over a few images on an AK build site.  For­tu­nately I have a 90° drill head and chose to mount the unit as far for­ward as prac­tic­ally pos­sible – anti­cip­at­ing the need to run the heat­er hoses – and moun­ted with 2 M6 Rivnuts.









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