Wiring Loom #1

This has been a very time con­sum­ing task, primar­ily attrib­ut­able to the need to record the col­our of every cable, plug and sock­et on every loom due to the absence of a single defin­it­ive set of instruc­tions and is my first real cri­ti­cism of the build manu­al and sup­plied doc­u­ment­a­tion.

There are four looms as fol­lows ;
1. Front
2. Dash
3. Rear
4. Engine (OMEX 710)

Front Loom

Gard­ner Douglas choose to route the front loom via the engine bay through a 44mm grom­met with the 2x engine loom RIST con­nect­ors. Con­tinu­ing under the lip of the bon­net open­ing. I want to keep the engine bay as “clean” as pos­sible so I devi­ated from this approach and chose to re-route the remain­ing loom via a 20mm hole, (fit­ted with grom­met) through the bulk­head, past the Heat­er.













Car­ry­ing on to the front of the body, via the nearside bulk­head – note the close prox­im­ity of heat­er out­lets and holes for the heat­er hoses.



and then tra­vers­ing to the off­side, secur­ing with p-clips.









As can be seen in the above dia­gram, both the fan and horn con­nect­ors are presen­ted to the cor­rect loc­a­tions in addi­tion to the light­ing con­nect­ors for indic­at­ors, repeat­ers and head­lights.



Rear Loom

Com­men­cing with a 20mm hole was drilled from with­in the boot to the bot­tom left hand corner above the tun­nel appear­ing behind the pas­sen­ger seat, then routed down the bulk­head and around to the front of the tun­nel where it will con­nect with the dash and body (front) looms.
With­in the boot area,  the loom is fed around the near side and behind the boot latch striker plate
With­in the boot, the loom fol­lows the corner down the axle tun­nel, across the floor, behind the boot latch striker plate and along the rear edge fin­ish­ing at the off­side rear lights. There are 4 main bunches of wires :
  1. Fuel sys­tem (fuel pump, level sender)
  2. Nearside stop and side lights
  3. Off­side stop and side lights
  4. Indic­at­ors


There is also a lead just as it enters the boot for the num­ber plate light and pro­vi­sion for reverse and fog are avail­able at either side rear lights.













All crimped bul­let con­nect­ors have been removed in favour of Super­Seal con­nect­ors and then loomed.


No instruc­tion is provided to con­nect the reverse and fog lights and with the con­struct of the looms,  con­sid­er­a­tion needs to be made.   I chose to splice into the loom sep­ar­at­ing ground(s) and feed(s) for both lights and ter­min­at­ing with Super­Seal con­nect­ors which took longer than anti­cip­ated but does provide a neat OEM feel when wrapped and re-loomed.


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