T56 Magnum Wiring

The T56 Mag­num Wir­ing requires pig­tails to be installed on the cor­res­pond­ing sensors but try­ing to identi­fy the sensors took a lot longer than expec­ted as most for­ums, web­sites and Tre­mec them­selves refer to but don’t actu­ally show the sensor loc­a­tions so I have included them below with pig­tails fit­ted pri­or to mount­ing the body­shell.









Above shows the reverse lock­out solen­oid on the nearside of the gear­box.  Below it is the mech­an­ic­al take-off point plugged with a pur­pose built plug from Bowl­er Trans­mis­sion (who also sup­plied all of the pig­tails shown on this page).









Reverse light switch shown con­nec­ted on the off­side of the gear­box shown above.









Elec­tron­ic Vehicle Speed Sensor again on the off­side of the gear­box with Yel­low & Purple tail fit­ted.  What is worthy of note is that the T56 Mag­num uses a Ford con­nect­or where­as the non Mag­num is GM.


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