I took the oppor­tun­ity whilst run­ning the looms to add the front and rear lights remov­ing the default bul­let crimps with Super­Seal con­nect­ors.










The P700’s look lovely des­pite the body being covered in dust from cut­ting the air intake recess into the nose.   Choos­ing to try and make a more authen­t­ic OEM “look” I chose to install the Super­Seal con­nect­ors with rub­ber boots giv­en the expos­ure to the ele­ments that the front lights and con­nect­ors will be exposed to.













I am really pleased with this as it also helps remove the excess cable.













.…and both off­side / nearside indic­at­ors and tail lights now fit­ted look a treat


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