Radiator, Header Tank & Hoses

Took the oppor­tun­ity of a spare hour to start to plumb the Radi­at­or, Head­er Tank and hoses in.




Install­a­tion of the Head­er tank was rel­at­ively simple, 2x M4 Rivnuts set into the under­side of the top cross mem­ber.

I have to con­fess to have been ter­ri­fied drilling the radi­at­or and riv­et­ing the mount­ing brack­ets par­tic­u­larly as this was the second radi­at­or fol­low­ing a fairly cata­stroph­ic deliv­ery first time around and long time to replace it.

It is my inten­tion to util­ise Evans water­less engine coolant hav­ing read many com­ments and blogs on the sub­ject – some favour­able, some less – but it does seem to be agreed that the high­er boil­ing point, no cor­ro­sion and no pres­sure due to its abil­ity to remain in liquid form can only be advant­age­ous – albeit at a cost !

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