Wiring & Electrics

Now this bit should be easy but I have a hunch that it is going to be quite the oppos­ite hav­ing spent ages try­ing to get an accur­ate pin­out of the front and rear loom wir­ing, finally revert­ing to devel­op­ing my own my own from scratch after spread­ing the loom through she who must be obeyed’ kit­chen for a week­end.   I also have to install the OMEX710 ECU so any tips would be gladly received, the loom appears to be reas­on­ably straight for­ward with the LS3 my issue is more the most suit­able loc­a­tion to mount the ECU. .….…..

.….….….….….expect more to come over the fol­low­ing months.

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