Engine & Gearbox Installation

Well we all had a hand in the Engine & Gear­box Install­a­tion, team enigma, the north­ern sail­or, she who must be obeyed and he who must do as he is told.….….……the engine and gear­box were assembled on the ship­ping pal­let and then  hois­ted into pos­i­tion which was easi­er said then done giv­en the crate that it was shipped in.

Des­pite a mul­ti­tude of attempts, I had to pur­chase an extra long reach hoist which also had to con­sider the max­im­um height of the gar­age.











The trans­mis­sion tun­nel cov­er was also cut and installed at the same time as the prop-shaft and slip yoke.

















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