The body arrived a few weeks ago but with one thing or anoth­er hap­pen­ing  I have been too busy (or too lazy?) to update the blog.……well any­way here she is finally, delivered by Paul Bowden who was recom­men­ded to me by Gard­ner Douglas, hav­ing seen how pas­sion­ate he is about provid­ing a great ser­vice and his enthu­si­asm for some of the cars that he has moved from one place to anoth­er I would highly recom­mend him.




She looks ridicu­lously good doesn’t she!.….….……the paint scheme is from Aston Mar­tin ;

  • Body :                     Ceram­ic Grey (“Q” Range)
  • Wide Stripes :      5073D Quantum Sil­ver (Stand­ard Range)
  • Pin­stripes :            Sat­in Vol­cano Red (“Q” Range)

For safety’s sake and my own san­ity, I had GD prep the body in terms of cut­ting most of the rel­ev­ant holes less the Roll Over Hoops which need care­ful align­ment once the Body and Chassis are mated.   Build­ing the trol­ley has been invalu­able.


Body Trolley

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