T56 Magnum Gearbox

Took the decision to bolt the T56 Mag­num Gear­box and engine togeth­er this week­end, it took a little fet­tling and “he who needs to do as he is told” had the good idea of tak­ing the bell­hous­ing off, mount­ing to the gear­box and then mount­ing both back on the engine.  It was a little dis­con­cert­ing to see that once on, that the gear­box is slightly rotated approx­im­ately 5º vs. square.

Hav­ing sat­is­fied myself that this was nor­mal from brows­ing a few build­er blogs and the Cobra for­um.  Everything was dis­as­sembled and rebuilt with the Clutch slave cyl­in­der bolted in, new remote bleed­er man­u­fac­tured and presen­ted out­side of the case anti­cip­at­ing future ease of main­ten­ance – just need to decide where to mount it ! and finally the main hose fit­ted.

Finally all assembled and two happy campers!.….….….….…..just need to get it in now.









If you are inter­ested, the two Goodridge 600 Series hoses were made by Mer­lin Motor­s­port at Castle Combe : Part Num­bers ;

  • G-443 – 03BNP 38 UNF Male Bulk­head w/ bleed nipple
  • G-6001 – 03P Male : Male
  • G-6046 – 03P 45º Female Swiv­el
  • G-305 – 03-31P M10x1.0 Male
  • G-306 – 03-35P M10x1.5 Male : Male

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