Rear Suspension

Equipped with the Gard­ner Douglas build manu­al, DVD and the SNG Bar­ratt web­site per­man­ently nailed up, it was time to start day 1 of the real build and get the inde­pend­ent rear Sus­pen­sion “IRS” attached the new chassis.

With minor fet­tling and remov­ing some over­spray from the powder coat­ing all of the GD parts bolted togeth­er without issue.  Attach­ing the lower wish­bones was a chal­lenge – with the dead weight of the hub carrier(s) it very dif­fi­cult to get a prop­er align­ment in order to fit the Jag­uar shims but with some help from “he who must do as he is told” and an impromptu appear­ance from the north­ern sail­or it came togeth­er.
































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