Reassembling the IRS

At last.… hav­ing received the Diff back it was time to start the reas­sembling of the IRS begin­ning with refit­ting and wire lock­ing the Ful­crum mounts.  Fol­lowed by fit­ting new UJ’s to both ends of the half shafts and then fit­ting the refur­bished hub car­ri­ers.

Next came the inboard brake cal­ipers, fit­ting new pis­tons, seals and retain­ers (SNG Bar­ratt AAU3380) which was sur­pris­ingly easy, once I had found my stride.









As it has been sev­er­al months since strip­ping and repaint­ing the cal­ipers I needed to remove the resid­ual sur­face rust from the cal­iper bores, using Wet and Dry 600 grade (wet) and then apply­ing Red Rub­ber Grease to the bores, new pis­tons and seals made install­a­tion rel­at­ively easy.

Using the Dremel to under­take some minor fet­tling to remove paint over­spray.

EBC Red­stuff, brake pads in con­junc­tion with new EBC Slot­ted Rotors “USR” were fit­ted to con­clude a pro­duct­ive day.

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