Differential is back !

After a few weeks the refur­bished Dif­fer­en­tial and hubs are now back from Ward Engin­eer­ing and look lovely – I must say that Ed has been incred­ibly help­ful and very respons­ive I would highly recom­mend him.

Hav­ing dis­patched “she who must be obeyed” on a cov­ert oper­a­tion to Enigma HQ and make par­lé with Enigma Girl regard­ing forth­com­ing bed­room tac­tics for the fam­ily vis­it.  Whilst dis­trac­ted, “He who must do as he is told” and I suc­cess­fully smuggled the shiny new bits into the Gar­age although it appears that Enigma Boy had spied us with his keen eye hav­ing developed an acute abil­ity to see around corners in his per­petu­al quest to track the move­ment of the north­ern sail­or.

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