Rear Axle

Sooooo.….….….the IRS Refur­bish­ment ; I finally man­aged to get into the gar­age this week­end hav­ing battled with sup­pli­ers, their inter­na­tion­al sup­port and crazy loc­als who work at the place that shall not be named (for fear of awak­ing the dement­ors), for the last two weeks, to finally dis­mantle the rear axles and Uni­ver­sal Joints ;

















Thank­fully with a couple of the dement­ors names first and fore­most in mind, I intro­duced them to my lump ham­mer and a few “taps” later, suc­cess !    Fol­low­ing an hour with the wire brush, POR15 Self etch­ing primer and voila.

And now to arrange ship­ping to Ed at Ward Engin­eer­ing for refur­bish­ment and hope­fully iden­ti­fic­a­tion of my Diff of which I cur­rently have no clue.….










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