Today I com­menced the recov­ery of the donor parts hav­ing cre­ated my own elec­tro­lys­is bath (take a look on You Tube), to remove the rust and years of grime hav­ing taken a second mort­gage for wire brushes, gunk and a vari­ety of degreas­ing liquids, gels and cloths.

















Hav­ing spent what seemed like an inor­din­ate amount of time try­ing to reach a decision on the most appro­pri­ate etch­ing primer I elec­ted to use POR15 sup­plied by Frost Auto­mot­ive.

Whilst the cost was a little more than expec­ted, it proved to be a worth­while invest­ment.  The  spray applic­a­tion was very effect­ive with good cov­er­age and no runs.  I will also use a com­pli­ment­ary POR15 product called Top Cote (Sat­in Black only) to fin­ish the job off hav­ing used it before.

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