T56 Wiring Loom

In pre­par­a­tion for mount­ing the body, I have now loomed the 6 wires from the trans­mis­sion pig­tails installed a few weeks ago, con­tained in split 6.5mm con­vo­luted sleeve with branches bound by elec­tric­al loom tape.   This has the advant­age of extend­ing the wir­ing to the engine bay mak­ing access the­or­et­ic­ally much easi­er than when the body is on.








Vehicle Speed Sensor = Yel­low & Purple







Revers­ing light = Green & Slate







Reverse Solen­oid = Pink & Green

These are then exten­ded and wrapped in spir­al con­vo­lutd sleev­ing and presen­ted to the engine bay for fur­ther integ­ra­tion into the main loom.




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