The Heat­er was a chal­lenge (tor­tu­ous) to install, thank­fully I had the bene­fit of being able to val­id­ate my approach along­side those oth­er blog­gers that have gone before me. Non­ethe­less whilst straight­for­ward, it is time con­sum­ing and requires quite a con­sid­er­able amount of work.

Start­ing with the Heat­er unit itself ;

  1. Remove the fan
  2. Remove the side cov­ers
  3. Remove the heat­er mat­rix
  4. Remove the mount­ing flanges from the side cov­ers
  5. Fit 4x rivnuts not­ing that they must not impede the Heat­er Mat­rix once rein­stalled
  6. Make a tem­plate and offer it to the bulk­head ensur­ing that it is both square and that the hose holes with­in the engine bay also align
  7. Drill, reas­semble and fit













































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