Caliper Refurb

Hav­ing removed the front and the rear cal­ipers from the IRS I elec­ted to have a go at refur­bish­ing them myself with sev­er­al com­pan­ies quot­ing costs in excess of £800.  Where­as for less than £120 for “elec­tro clean­ing” it was an easy decision hav­ing acquired new seals, pis­tons and oth­er required odds and sods from SNG Bar­ratt for less than £200.

Rust remov­al on the cal­ipers was hard­work com­poun­ded by the need to get into the fiddly nooks and cran­nies.  This was achieved by using a Dremel (or Crafts­man in my case) and finally, ensure that you use a mask and safety glasses.

Finally, the cal­ipers have now been resprayed with a spe­cial­ist Brake Cal­iper Paint Kit, sup­plied by Brake Cal­iper Spe­cial­ists based in Long Eaton, Not­ting­ham.   This paint is allegedly bet­ter than any­thing else that you can buy on the mar­ket and talk­ing to fel­low build­ers, it comes highly recom­men­ded and whilst not per­fect I am really pleased with the out­come.


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